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last updated: April. 8th, 2021

To achieve good results together, an open exchange in a good atmosphere is important. Therefore, we ask you to stick to the following basic rules when writing contributions:

  • In your contributions, always only refer to the content that is up for discussion.
  • Please ensure that the discussion is carried out in a fair manner, even if you disagree. Avoid provocations.
  • Violence glorifying, inhuman, racist, xenophobic, stigmatizing, sexist or insulting content, calls for criminal acts, slander, business or reputation damaging statements are of course unacceptable and will be deleted.
  • Do not use commercial content.
  • Pay attention to the personal data you publish in your contributions. These are freely accessible. Personal or person-related data of third parties may not be published by you. In order to protect the personal rights of the persons concerned, such contributions will also be deleted.
  • Please respect the copyright law in your contributions. In the case of third-party content, the rights must be granted. Also mark any quotes as such and indicate the source. For the relevance of your contribution, it makes sense to use quotations only as a supplement to your own statements.
  • Please ensure that these rules are followed when creating links. However, we reserve the right to remove links if their contents violate these rules.
  • Do not create multiple accounts or publish the same comment several times. We reserve the right to remove multiple accounts and contributions.

 Moderation and reporting of contributions

The projects on adhocracy+ are moderated by the respective project leaders. As a general rule:
  • Contributions are checked for compliance with the above rules. In case of violations, the moderation can delete the respective contributions.
  • You can report the posts of other users as offensive if they violate the above rules (code of conduct). In this case, the moderator in charge will be informed and the post in question will be reviewed.
  • In the event of serious or repeated violations of the rules of the Code of Conduct or misuse of other functions, individual users may be blocked.

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